Used SW TripleBright 3 for Sale at a Huge Discount [SOLD]


Update: This item has been sold. Thank you!

[9-22-2016] UV SYSTEMS, Inc. has one used SW TripleBright 3 model FSLS for sale. The normal price for the FSLS is $1,149.50 plus Shipping & Handling (S&H) of $22.65 within the USA. This used SW TripleBright 3 is only $772.00 plus S&H of $22.65 within the USA. First come first serve, only one is available.

This SW TripleBright 3 is estimated to have only been used for approximately 200 to 400 total hours. The two SW filters are pristine with no white film or dots on them. These SW filters have a transmission that averages about 48% transmission at 253.7 nm. And a brand new SW Hoya U-325C filter has a transmission of about 60% at 253.7 nm, and should last about 7000 hours. So there is lots of life left in these SW filters. The SW lamp (bulb) has almost no depreciation since the patented circuit allows millions and millions of “on-off” cycles without any lamp failure.

The original owner purchased the SW TripleBright 3 in 2007 and passed away in 2016. A customer purchased the UV light from the estate and then sold it back to UV SYSTEMS, Inc. To purchase, order a SW TripleBright 3 model FSLS from our store, but in the comment section write “I want the used SW TripleBright 3 for $772.00 ” and then we will only charge you $772.00 plus the $22.65 S&H. If you live out of the USA, contact UV SYSTEMS, Inc. to find out what the S&H will be.

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