The company policies have been developed based on my personal philosophy. I want UV SYSTEMS, Inc. to be a small company that provides top quality products and provides top quality service. My first priority is to have quality products that meet the needs of the customer; the second priority is to run a good sound business. I think it is important to point out that making money (a good sound business) is not the first priority, but the second.

Therefore, I provide to my customers and potential customers as much information about the UV SYSTEMS, Inc. products as possible. I believe that it is important to do life tests on the lamps, ballasts, and SW filters under conditions that a fluorescent mineral collector and mineral museum curator might realistic encounter. As far as I know, UV SYSTEMS, Inc. is the only UV light manufacturer that does this.

I will be glad to talk on the telephone as long as the customer pays for the call and I can provide useful information. If a customer calls on my toll free order line and is not ordering anything I will answer questions briefly and invite them to call me back “on their nickel” and then can give them as much time as possible. Many companies do not even have live technical support or information. And if you do happen to contact someone they will try to shorten the conversation and cut you off (it appears making money is their top priority).

UV SYSTEMS, Inc. will not disclose any personal information about its customers to anyone other than to conduct legitimate business activities. These types of disclosures typically involve billing and collections and the credit card information that was supplied to transact business. We do not provide any personal information to anyone such as marketing organizations or any other businesses. Occasionally UV SYSTEMS, Inc. will contact its customers directly with information about activities that we feel will be of interest to the customer. Examples are a notice of a meeting of the international Fluorescent Mineral Society, Inc. These rare notices do not exceed three times a year (usually only once a year).

My liability insurance company requires UV SYSTEMS, Inc. to have a written warranty with specific warranty expiration dates. However, if a customer has a problem with a product after the warranty date, and that problem is directly related to something that UV SYSTEMS, Inc. did (design flaw, defective part, etc.) UV SYSTEMS, Inc; will make it right.

Don Newsome
In business since 1992