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UV SYSTEMS, Inc. has launched the new dichroic thin-film filter that has virtually no solarization.  After a four-year research and development project UV SYSTEMS has developed a SW filter (the EverBright) that is superior to any glass SW filter.  The EverBright has two primary advantages over any other SW filter:

  1. Delivers 75% transmission or more at 254 nm.
  2. No solarization or virtually no solarization and will maintain that 75% transmission for more than 175,000 hours.

While the best glass filters (Hoya Optics U-325C) have 50% (or less) transmission after only 100 hours of SW exposure, and after that they continue to solarize.


This life/solarization test was conducted from November 17, 2022, through January 23, 2023.  The SW UV was from a Dual TripleBright 3 with two LS-60-254 lamps but without any filters.  Five FS-20EB EverBright filters were tested and one Hoya Optics U-325C filter.  The results of five FS-20EB were averaged together.

The EverBright filters come in two sizes:

FS-20EB at 2” x 5.5” designed for all SuperBright UV lights. The Conversion kit is $795.00.  The Conversion kit includes the FS-20EB EverBright filter, two filter holder brackets, the filter guard, and hardware.

FS-60EB at 2.65” x 9.25” where two of these are used for all TripleBright and Dual TripleBright UV lights.  The Conversion kit is $3,799.00.  The Conversion kit includes two FS-60EB EverBright filters, four filter holder brackets, and hardware.

Purchase your new UV light with an EverBright filter today.

US Patent 11,788,959



16605 125th Ave. SE

Renton, WA  98058

Cell (206) 818-1084


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