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Kirsten Bethea is the model for the SuperBright 3 hand-held UV light. She was a high school teacher and the mother of two children. Don met her and her husband at a home Bible Study from our church.

Lara Whelan is the model for the TripleBright 3’s. Lara is the mother of two young boys and Ph.D. graduate in bio-engineering from the University of Washington. Alma and Don met her and her husband at another home Bible Study.

Product Photographer

The late Jimi Lott was an award-winning professional photography for the Seattle Times newspaper. He took many of the shots of the products, TripleBrights II, Lamps, Filters, Goggles, etc. Don took the shots for the SuperBright 3, B2, and B3 battery pack.

Mineral Photographer

Jeffrey A. Scovil of Phoenix, AZ the famous professional mineral photographer took all of the photos for the morphing minerals. Jeff is one of the photographers for the Mineralogical Record, and Rocks and Minerals magazines. Don sent Jeff some of his specimens and two SuperBright 2000SW and two SuperBright 2010LW UV lights along with extra LW lamps so Jeff could take photos under SW, LW350, and LW370.  

Morphing Minerals

FMS member Axel Emmermann is from Antwerp, Belgium. He is a lab technician at a quality control laboratory of a petrochemical company. He is married with two children. Axel is active in the Mineral Club Antwerp (MKA), and provided several of the fluorescent mineral photos for their web site. Axel programmed all of the morphing pictures and provided the fluorescent stereo photos for this web site.

Maybe one of the most interesting aspects of Axel is how he helped trap the thieves of the Moon Rocks that were stolen from NASA in Houston in July 2002. Read that fantastic story in the FMS Jan. Feb. 2003 UV WAVES. Without Axels help the moon rocks might never have been recovered!


Copy reviewer

Alma Newsome, my wife, reviewed much of the copy used on the web site.