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Stereo Photos

Stereo Photographs taken by Axel Emmermann

(Hints on viewing Stereo Photos: Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half or thirds so it is about 8.5 inches long or cut out some cardboard of about the same length. Put one of the short ends vertically on the division between the left and right photo (between the two white dots) of the stereo-pair, perpendicular to the screen. Put the bridge of your nose against the other end so that each eye is on opposite sides of the 8.5 inch paper or cardboard. Now your left eye sees the left photo and your right eye the right photo. Now gaze a little and the photos will come together automatically, and the two white dots will appear as one dot.)

Spodumene under SW:

Mexican calcite under LW370:

Mexican calcite under LW350:

Mexican calcite under SW:

Aragonite under SW:

Fossil shell under LW365: