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T-25 Timer

A T-25 electronic timer is now available. The T-25 standard model has four outputs and can, for example, turn “on” and “off” a LW UV light, a SW UV light, and a MW UV light, and can also dim down and ramp up your incandescent lights. Each T-25 Timer is custom-made for your specific application, and your timing sequence and durations.

A typical timing cycle might have the incandescent lights “on” as potential viewers stroll by, at which point an optional proximity detector starts the cycle, dims the incandescents to “off” and immediately turns the LW UV “on.”

Typical 3 output T-25

Typical 4 output T-25

Next LW goes “off” and SW comes “on.” Then LW comes back “on” so you have both LW and SW together. Finally, both LW and SW go “off,” and you can see the phosphorescence of the minerals. As the show draws to a close, the incandescent lights slowly ramp up, avoiding the discomfort of a sudden increase of light.

Of course, a push-button switch can also be used to start the cycle, activated by viewers in the museum. The standard four outputs can be expanded to eight or more, and, along with scores of different timing cycles, provide unlimited opportunity to exercise your creativity in designing your display. Some curators may want to include an optional digital audio player with narration and background music. The heart of the T-25 is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which stores the timing cycle in non-volatile memory.

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PLC on top and incandescent dimmer circuit at the bottom