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B3 Battery Pack

B3 Optional Battery Pack for your SuperBright

The optional B3 portable battery pack is a “must-have” accessory to the new SuperBright 3. The B3 is an improvement over the B2. It includes a heavy-duty coiled cord which is connected directly and permanently to the battery. This eliminates any “cigarette-lighter” connection and improves overall reliability. The opposite end has a threaded connector that attaches securely to the SuperBright 3. The B3 comes with a padded heavy-duty blue nylon bag for easy transport.

Remove the B3’s shoulder strap and use it as a belt or to hold the bag. The B3 bag can also be attached directly to your belt. The battery is rated at 8 amp-Hours (instead of the usual 7) which allows for longer use in the field.

The SuperBright 3 with optional B3 battery pack using shoulder strap

Features of the B3 Battery Pack

  • Will operate a SuperBright II or a SuperBright 3 (any model) for about 7 hours on a charge.
  • Uses a 12VDC 8 Amp-Hour battery.
  • Custom made thick padded carrying case made from blue 1000 denier nylon fabric.
  • One end of the heavy duty belt loops are attached with Velcro so you do not have to remove your belt to carry the battery pack.
  • Uses an approximately 3/10 inch diameter heavy duty 7 foot coiled-cord that is permanently attached to the carrying case.
  • Coiled cord is so strongly attached to the fabric case you can carry the case and battery by the cord (although that is not recommended).
  • Detachable shoulder strap can attach to itself to make a belt for the battery pack.
  • Weight of the battery, case, shoulder strap, coiled-cord, and connector, is 6.9 lb.
  • 115VAC charger mates with plug at end of coiled cord for charging.
  • An optional 230V to 115V step-down transformer is available for the charger for charging in other countries outside the USA.  









Field-tested by hundreds of collectors, the rugged B3 provides some of the longest operating time out in the field of any battery pack in the market today.

B3 battery pack with charger that plugs into any 115VAC outlet


Battery Pack and SuperBright 3

B215 Cord

If a cigarette lighter jack is still used, then the B215 is very useful. This accessory cord allows you to operate the SuperBright 3 up to 15 feet from the vehicle. (Note: recharge your battery only from your house – not from your vehicle.)

Let us get you started!

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