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UV SYSTEMS, Inc. Announcing The All-New
EverBright SW Filter
for the SuperBright and TripleBright
20+ Years of Greater Fluorescence


The all-new EverBright SW Filter is precisely engineered, rigorously tested, carefully built to reveal greater fluorescence and authenticity of a mineral's hidden treasures. Transform your SuperBright and TripleBright, today!

Say good-bye to solarization and enjoy greater fluorescence for 20+ years with these 
5 Clear Advantages:

  • Superior transmission! The all-new thin-film EverBright SW Filter delivers 75% transmission of 254 nm, a clear advantage over the 50% to 55% transmission of typical Japanese glass filters.  
  • Virtually no solarization! Solarization is a chemical process that reduces the SW transmission with exposure to 254 nm UV. The result is your minerals appear dimmer and dimmer as the glass filter solarizes.  Most glass filters will last less than 4,000 hours, depending on the UV light.  Extensive research and testing means the all-new EverBright SW Filter maintains its 75% transmission with virtually no solarization!
  • No false fluorescence! The EverBright filters out the blue light that often reflects off of some minerals making it hard to determine if that mineral is fluorescing blue or not.
  • The only SW filter you’ll ever need! The all-new EverBright is the only SW filter your SuperBright or TripleBright will ever need. Designed to last over 174,000 hours (20+ years)!
  • 30-Day guarantee! We’re so confident in the EverBright SW Filter that we’ll refund every penny of your purchase within the first 30 days if you’re not 100% satisfied.  

    “It was immediately apparent that fluorescent minerals appeared brighter under this light than under my existing SuperBright II, Series 3000 light. Since my existing light isn’t “old” in terms of hours in service, this difference in brightness is impressive.”
    - Dr. Earl Verbeek
    Franklin Mineral Museum

Extensive testing confirms the EverBright SW Filter greatly outperforms typical Hoya U-325C filters.
328% greater transmission after 1,100 hours of use! 

Solarization plot of percent transmission at 253.7 nm vs. exposure time.

Hours of exposure 253.7 nm

This life/solarization test was conducted from November 17, 2022 through January 23, 2023. The SW UV was from a Dual TripleBright 3 with two LS-60-254 lamps but without any filters. Five FS-20EB EverBright filters were tested and one Hoya Optics U-325C filter. Transmission measurements were made at 0, 91, 159, 408.4, 433.3, and 1093.3 hours of SW exposure.  The results of five FS-20EB were averaged together.

Transform your current SuperBright or TripleBright  with an EverBright Conversion Kit! 

SuperBright Conversion Kit
Take your SuperBright to the next level of SW brilliance
with the new EverBright FS-20EB filter! Everything you need to replace your Hoya in a snap! 
The Conversion Kit is $995.00
Conversation Kit includes: EverBright Filter, two filter brackets, filter guard, and hardware.

TripleBright Conversion Kit
Choose the TripleBright or Dual TripleBright 
with two  EverBright FS-60EB filters required for each light. Goodbye Hoya, hello EverBright! The Conversion kit is $4,595.00
Conversation Kit includes: two EverBright Filters, four filter brackets, and hardware. 

Everyone Asks: Why Are The EverBright Filters So Expensive? Learn More Here

Order your EverBright Conversion Kits, today! 

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