Forensic Science

The SuperBright 3 4000 series of UV lights delivers the most intense UV of any light in its class. The need for a light shielding cabinet is virtually eliminated, allowing detection of weak traces under ambient lighting conditions.

Lightweight, rugged and easy to turn on and off with gentle finger pressure from a single hand makes the SuperBright 3 a superior light for forensic applications.

The following is a letter from Mr. Epstein evaluating a SW SuperBright 2000SW. The present SW version is the SuperBright 3 model 4254 and is more powerful that the SuperBright2000SW.

What they are saying about us?

Gideon Epstein, Chief Forensic Document Analyst – 12 August 1998

Thank you for allowing us to evaluate the SB 2000SW light. I have shown it at the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners conference in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 10, 1998 and gave out the brochures that you sent. Since there were only a very few to give out, I asked the membership to contact me if they wanted further information or wanted to know how to contact you.

Our evaluation of your light was quite positive. There were a few features that we especially liked such as the instant light without having to warm up and the stronger light making it possible to use it while other lights are on. One thing you would have to add for forensic document use would be a stand, so that you could use the light while still having two hands free.

Again, my thanks for introducing us to your product.


Gideon Epstein
Chief, Forensic Document Analyst
U.S. Department of Justice
Immigration and Naturalization Service
Intelligence Division
Forensic Document Laboratory
8000 Westpark Drive – Suite 325
McLean, VA 22102