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Curing Using UV

Usually UV-A is used to cure UV adhesives, UV inks, or UV coating. The most common UV-A wavelength for curing UV materials is LW370 (peaks at about 368 nm), however, for some adhesives LW350 (peaks at about 352 nm) will work just as well. The exact UV wavelength might need to be determined to see which UV lamp (bulb) should be used.

TripleBright 3 model WOCL68

For jobs that involve high speed UV curing or areas larger than four square feet the TripleBright 3 model WOCL68 with the LL-60-368 (LW370) lamp can be used.

The LL-60-352 (LW350) lamp can be substituted in the same TripleBright 3.  That model number would be WOCL52 and the cost would be the same.

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