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About UV SYSTEMS, Inc.

What UV SYSTEMS, Inc. Does

UV SYSTEMS, Inc. provides ultraviolet lights, associated hardware, and services specifically designed for fluorescent mineral collectors, exhibitors and museums displaying fluorescent minerals. We also provide information and hardware to professionals in fields of geology, chemistry, forensic science, mineralogy, public health, and biotechnology. UV SYSTEMS, Inc. provides a unique blend of display expertise and high quality equipment – all at affordable prices.

  David Graves

Don Newsome                  Melissa Russell               David Graves

 President                           Vice President               Production Manager 


Tests and Test Equipment

UV SYSTEMS, Inc. is a company whose staff has professional expertise in lighting engineering and electronic testing. They have done extensive instrumental testing of UV lamp output, lamp life tests, lamp current, filter solarization, reflector design, and thermal tests, to list just a few of the tests. Some of the test equipment includes UV radiometers, a sampling V-A-W meter, digital multimeters, an oscilloscope, a fixture goniometer, a spectrophotometer, and a spectroradiometer. More details about specific tests are available upon request.


Meet Don and Alma

 Alma and Don at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society Show, Feb. 2003. Don’s display case was then using the old T-10 Timer and new SW and LW TripleBright 3 UV lights, which allow fluorescent minerals to be seen in bright room light.

I’m Don Newsome, President of UV SYSTEMS, Inc. and founder of the internationally recognized Fluorescent Mineral Society, Inc. I have more than 56 years of experience collecting, displaying and exhibiting fluorescent minerals, and my fluorescent mineral displays have won two national awards from the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

Prior to devoting myself full time to UV SYSTEMS, Inc. I worked as a lighting engineer for aerospace companies, and have had more than 35 years of experience in research and commercial lighting systems applications. I have three patents all related to UV light assemblies. I was married to my late wife Alma for 62 years and have a daughter and son and one grandson.


I started UV SYSTEMS in 1992 to make replacement UV filters and lamps available to fluorescent mineral collectors at reasonable prices. I also knew that there were ways to make a hand-held SW UV light that was more powerful than any other light on the market at that time, so I developed the SuperBright 2000SW in 1996. This light incorporates many features that collectors requested: Increased UV output, light weight, a tough but ergonomic design, instant start operation, the ability to operate from a car battery, etc.

In 2005 I replaced the SuperBright 2000SW with the SuperBright II model 3254, it has more UV output, is more reliable, and more convenient. In 2016 I developed the SuperBright 3, 4000 series which is an improvement over the SuperBright II. The SuperBright 3 is available in four different UV wavelengths, from SW, MW, LW350, to LW370. The B2 battery pack was redesigned in 2005 and it provides longer use per charge, with increased convenience and reliability. The latest battery pack is the B3.

Finally, after obtaining input from mineral museums and collectors, I developed the very high powered TripleBright 3 display UV light, which was introduced in the fall of 1999. A special patented circuit allows this light to be turned “on” and “off” millions of times without affecting the life of the UV lamp. This light also features a cover that is easily removed while the light is still mounted in the display case, to facilitate the replacement of the UV filters when necessary.

The TripleBright 3 can be equipped with interchangeable Short Wave, Medium Wave, or two different Long Wave lamps. It is fan cooled to maintain a nearly constant UV output. I also have Dual TripleBright 3 available with two lamps in the light. The Dual TripleBright 3 comes in 13 different models depending on which UV filter or lamps are used. In 2008 I developed the T-20 Timer which can automatically control (turn “on” and “off”) your UV lights in your display. It has four different outputs such as SW UV lights, LW UV lights, MW UV lights, and an incandescent circuit that can dim down and ramp up white lights for your display. The latest model is the T-25 Timer, which is more versatile, like controlling an optional Digital Audio player or optional turntables. The T-25 Timer is custom built for your cycle and duration requirements.

My philosophy has been and remains the same: to use the best technology, human engineering knowledge, and user input to provide superior products for the fluorescent mineral collecting community. Your suggestions are always welcome.


I want to give recognition to the most important light in my life, Jesus Christ, who said, “I am the world’s light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in.” John 8:12 The Message translation.

Don Newsome