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SuperBright 3

Calcite and Willemite in Room Light

Kirsten showing the new UV SYSTEMS, Inc. SW SuperBright 3 model 4254 and some calcite and willemite from the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. Notice that the powerful SuperBright 3 will fluoresce calcite and willemite under bright photoflood studio lighting.


Lamp Change

The new UV SYSTEMS, Inc. SuperBright 3 light makes it easy to change UV wavelengths just by changing the lamp (bulb). Four different UV wavelengths are available, SW at 253.7 nm, MW at about 312 nm, LW350 at about 352 nm, and LW370 at about 368 nm.

UV SYSTEMS, Inc. has been serving serious mineral collectors for nearly 25 years, offering a complete line of high-tech UV hand-held and display lights. The SuperBright series of UV lights offers the best equipment of its type for a reasonable cost. With the introduction of the SuperBright 3, mineral aficionados can now treat themselves to new levels of viewing enjoyment throughout the ultraviolet spectrum.

Field-tested by hundreds of collectors, the rugged SuperBright 3 is one of the most powerful hand-held AC and DC UV light on the market today.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An aluminum casing that provides durability and portability, allowing the unit to weigh only 2.15 lbs.
  • An easy-open cover that allows quick bulb (tube) changing to another UV wavelength.
  • The next generation of UV power: 6% brighter than the SuperBright II.
  • Easily-removed bulbs and filters that are interchangeable with previous models.
  • An ergonomically-designed handle that adjusts to four different positions and is removable for easy storage in a backpack or bag.
  • Rubber feet that protect the filter when the SuperBright 3 is set down.
  • High-efficiency, long-lasting bulbs (specially made to UV systems specifications) that offer more UV output than any commercial bulb of the same size.
  • A Hoya U-325C filter which lasts for 3,100 hours (2-4 years of normal use) before needing replacement.

Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Brightly fluorescing minerals like scheelite which can be seen as far as 50 feet away.
  • Rare-earth minerals including those from the monazite and bastnasite groups can be detected using the SuperBright 3’s easy-open cover and powerful UV lamp.
  • Hands free operation with the neck lanyard.
  • Serialized lights for better identification wherever you are.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Travel the world in search of new mineral collecting adventures with the powerful SuperBright 3.
  • Use the SuperBright 3’s switcher type AC adapter to convert current from 100VAC to 240VAC to the 12 VDC output, for line-operation anywhere in the world.
  • Use your car or truck as a power source with the optional B215 15-foot cord that plugs into your accessory jack and reaches to your trunk for shaded viewing.
  • In the field, use the optional B3 rechargeable battery for up to 7 hours on a charge.

SuperBright 3 Accessories

B3 Battery Pack

The optional B3 portable battery pack is a “must-have” accessory to the new SuperBright 3. It includes a heavy-duty coiled cord which anchors within the unit and connects directly to the battery, thus eliminating any “cigarette lighter” connection and improving overall reliability. The opposite end has a threaded connector that attaches securely to the SuperBright 3. The B3 comes with a heavy-duty nylon bag for easy transporting.

Remove the B3’s shoulder strap and use it as a belt or to hold the bag. The B3 bag can also be attached directly to your belt. The battery is rated at 8 amp-Hours (instead of the usual 7) which allows for longer use in the field.

B215 Cord

If a cigarette lighter jack is still used, then the B215 is very useful. This accessory cord allows you to operate the SuperBright 3 up to 15 feet from the vehicle.


SuperBright 3 Price each Shipping (USA)
SW 4254 $1,295.00 $40.60
MW 4312 $1,395.00 $40.60
LW370 4368 $1,285.00 $40.60

Battery Accessories Price each Shipping (USA)
B3 Battery Pack (complete) $395.00 $34.25
B215 (15 ft cord/jack) $95.00 $13.75

Let’s Get You Started!

Open a new world of rainbow of ultraviolet colors with a UV SYSTEMS SuperBright 3. For more information or to place an order, contact UV SYSTEMS at:

16605 125th Ave SE
Renton, WA 98058-5549

Toll Free: 877-689-5142
Local: 425-228-9988
Fax: 425-793-8712
Cell: 206-818-1084