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Collecting Fluorescent Minerals (2nd Edition)

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By Stuart Schneider.  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.  2006. This 8 ½” x 11” heavy paperback book has 208 pages with 871 color photos.

This is a complete revision of Stuart’s first edition.  It is his third book related to minerals and the photos make it worthwhile.  It has 169 pages just dedicated to photos of minerals.  Each mineral specimen includes one photo taken in daylight and then one or more with the specimen fluorescing. In most cases, the photos are under SW but some under LW, and a few under MW.  He has mostly Franklin and Sterling Hill, NJ specimens, and some rare ones that you seldom see.  He includes some specimens from other US states as well as Canada, Mexico and Greenland.  Included in the book is a price guide for each specimen.  The color photos make the book a necessary addition to the library of every fluorescent mineral collector. 

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